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California Solar Power State Rebates

California compared to the rest of the United States is ahead of the game in solar power and renewable energy in general. Why is California leading the charge in the USA to become more energy independent and why is the state giving so much money back to businesses and homeowners to acquire solar power? California, even though it’s just one State within the United States is one of the biggest energy hogs in the entire world. California has been through an energy crisis in the past, it’s a no brainier for the state to invest in renewable energy since the California has a powerhouse economy that has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) more significant than most nations.

When I speak to consumers who are interested in solar power outside of California they feel that Solar Power is so “peachy keen” out here, but in reality its far from the best it can be. Obvisouly the Califoria state solar power rebates is the reason the solar power market out here is booming but the process is difficult for consumers to obtain the rebates. The rebate paperwork for solar power in california can be more difficult then installing solar power itself! The paperwork is as thick as a book, so it can be very overwhelming for a first timer.

There are two types of rebates californians can qualify for Solar Power:

Expected Performance Based Buydown (EPBB) – is an upfront rebate program funded as part of the California Solar Initative, systems under 100kW are eligible for the EPBB rebate. The EPBB Rebate is based on location, system size, orientation and the rebate level at time of finished installation.

Performance Based Incentive (PBI) – a program in which rebates are paid based on energy production, designed to benefit owners of larger solar power systems The current PBI program in California pays solar system owners monthly for energy produced for 5 years. Rebate levels decline as more people in california install solar power.

Author: Deep Patel

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